Hello Autism

How To Love, Like And Learn From Your Special Needs Child

Raising a child with autism is a challenge many can’t possibly understand. The emotional toll it takes, the physical exhaustion it induces, and the mental burden it carries can make finding the small joys of parenthood incredibly difficult.

Hello Autism: How to Love, Like, and Learn from Your Special Needs Child will help you reconnect emotionally while navigating through the daunting reality of nurturing a special needs child. In these pages your questions, doubts and worries are addressed with empathy, courage and candor. And in the process, hope and love will supplant your fear and help you cling to both joy and hope.

Thomas Edison said “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” Hello Autism gives practical legs to this for parents who want to enhance their relationship with their special needs child.

Hello Autism: How to Love, Like, and Learn from Your Special Needs Child is now available for pre-order! Click the button below to reserve your copy now!

About The Author

Theresa is the founder of #HelloLife Coaching. She helps ambitious women live life with passion and joy by creating a personalized system that transforms negative thoughts into achievable goals. Theresa is committed to empowering women to step out of the shadows and make the impact they were destined for.

Theresa is a proud native of Brooklyn, NY, currently living in Wayne, PA. She has been married to Henry J. Noye, Esq. for over 20 years. They have two teenagers, Regal and Nia, and a rabbit, Buddy the Elf. She loves shoes, experiencing new cultures and meaningful conversations.

Hello Autism

How To Love, Like And Learn From Your Special Needs Child

Chapter 1 “What’s Wrong With My Son”

Discovering that my son, Regal, has autism

Chapter 2 “Why Is This Happening To Me”

The emotional whirlwind of accepting the autism diagnosis

Chapter 3 “There Is More”

Learning about autism and desperately searching for answers

Chapter 4 “I Love You But I Don’t Like You”

Facing the truth of being scared and uncomfortable with autism and not liking my son

Chapter 5 “A Different Mindset”

Becoming aware of my thoughts and developing a mindset that supports me in loving my son

Chapter 6 “Learning To Love”

Taking it one day at a time growing more and more in love

Chapter 7 “One Day At a Time”

This is a marathon not a sprint. Commit to the process

Chapter 8 “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun”

Fully investing in living and learning with Regal becomes an
enjoyable journey

Chapter 9 “Becoming a Student”

Regal and everyone around me are my greatest teachers

Chapter 10 “A Whole New World”

My world looks different and I’m a better person for it

Chapter 11 “Counting My Blessings”

Autism is a gift. There are innumerable blessings and benefits
I have gained

Chapter 12 “Life Is Beautiful”

Regal is a beautiful soul that makes everyone around him better

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